jim combs music

“Art 2 Music” is one of my current music projects where I write and record musical compositions based on local artist works. Each CD will have music compositions and that are based on artwork or have inspired artwork to be produced.

This first project is called Metamorphosis.

Track 1 – Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis is inspired by the painting “….” by John Larsen.

I found the orange first reminded me of a monarch butterfly and the loops felt like the struggle of a caterpillar to become a butterfly.

Track 2 – The Walk

Track 3 – Waiting

Track 4 – Leaping Tiger

Leaping Tiger is inspired by the photograph of Leaping Tiger Gorge in China.

Track 5 – Bandolero

Track 6 – Green

Track 7 – Night Flight

Track 8 – Reichenbach Falls (an unsolvable problem)

Track 9 – Sunset